We Care

Select projects we support:

• Grow Back by Marc Leiber

• Plant for the Planet

• Rotary Herzenswünsche

• Cultivation of orchards in the region

GROW BACK by Marc Leiber

• Reforestation project in Portugal in one of the driest areas

• 7 ha total land, 0.5 ha previously cultivated

• Over 12,000 plants planted as: willows, grapes, figs, poplars, ashes, oaks, olives, citrus fruits

• Syntropic agriculture, which means that all plants harmonize with each other and support each other in growth

• No use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc.No irrigation necessary

More information can be found at www.growback.eu

Plant for the Planet

• The aim is to plant 1,000 billion trees worldwide to save the climate

• 13.6 billion trees have already been planted, both regionally and in special reforestation stations

• More than 88,000 trained climate ambassadors worldwide

• Children and young people in particular are involved in the projects and are trained as climate ambassadors in academies

More information can be found at www.plant-for-the-planet.org