Maintaining traditions. Feeling connectedness. Living openness. Showing empathy. Bearing responsibility. As a family business, we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously. We have set out with our employees and partners. Towards more sustainability. In our production process. In our products and all our actions. Come join us.


Family means responsibility. We are a family business which is why we will always act in accordance with its principles. These include honesty, responsibility for each other, trust and the belief we can achieve more together.



Only together can we overcome major challenges. What makes us strong are loyal and longstanding relationships that give us the necessary stability to dare something new together. "No man is an island" and nor is any company. This is why we are committed to our environment and our society, to help shape them in a lasting and positive way.


"Empower yourself." Every person is unique. With their own ideas and a special personality. We want to enable people – and especially women – to recognise their own creativity and to use it where it can fulfil its greatest potential.

We are on the way

New beginnings. We are far from being perfect. Nevertheless, this is our incentive and our motivation. We are on the way. We question our actions every day and go in search of better solutions, to redefine the sustainability standards in the premium fashion segment.

Thinking ahead

We reinvent ourselves every season. With each collection we want to awaken new potentials and implement concrete ideas in our collections. We see our work as a continual path. We question our products and what they stand for. We frequently take the opportunity to think of and shape fashion in a new and above all better way.


Only in an open and creative environment can something new develop. We enable our employees and partners to think about fashion in new and different ways, together with us. We promote various innovation initiatives and are often the first to adopt more sustainable product innovations. In this way and with our partners we create an innovative climate aimed at revolutionizing the fashion industry.


Our current projects are hands-on and show what we in our company are doing, in concrete terms, on our way to more sustainability.

We go beyond

Always a step further. Always In motion. Change is our constant. Setting new standards. Becoming better. Driven on by creativity and a spirit of innovation. We are conscious of our actions. We pose questions. We do not rest content with what has already been achieved. We want to leave familiar paths to go beyond them. We want to make the world a better place. We rise to our challenges and face them full of optimism.

Thinking further
Always from the beginning

We have set our sustainability targets high. We achieve these targets on the one hand through deliberate reflection on our processes but in particular also through concrete measures. But not every measure promises the desired success. Sometimes we have to completely rethink decisions of which we were at first entirely convinced. We therefore consider our sustainability projects in cyclical innovation processes and re-adjust them where necessary.

Step by step

The manufacturing of clothing involves the consumption of resources and effects upon the environment. We are in the process of examining and rethinking our procurement and production procedures, the use of our products and their afterlife throughout all phases. Our aim is to lower the consumption of resources and thus to act as sustainably as possible.

Now and in future

"We are on the way to go beyond." We are leaving the old paths and redefining fashion and lifestyle in the premium segment. Our aim is to question our actions every day, to set new standards and to go further and further beyond our current commitment. Accompany us on our way.