A respectful treatment of our partners, our long-term employees and our customers is a key value in our company.

Eco Friendly

Electricity from our own photovoltaic system, new company headquarters built under sustainable guidelines, motion detectors instead of light switches, multi-glazed windows, water dispensers and glass carafes - these are just a few environmentally friendly principles that are practiced in our company.


Sustainability is not a trend for us, it is our inner attitude towards every action we take. Whether building our new headquarter or choosing our fabrics.Since 2021, Raffaello Rossi is a proud member of BCI – the Better Cotton Initiative. We are committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with BCI. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. See for details. We are committed to sourcing a minimum of 50% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2026.


We aim to make the world better that is why we are seeking for further developments to improve the sustainable and economically fair denim production. Less water consumption for the denim treatment and using bio degradable chemicals are key elements in our development.


One key to our success is the long term relationship to our production plants in Europe who partly work for us since the launch of the brand 25 years ago.

New Approach

With every collection we question and challenge ourselves to improve our collection of premium trousers regarding sustainability.


Paying fair salaries and producing under fair working conditions in Europe are important for us, that is why we carefully choose our partners according to this criteria.

Little Things

It’s the little things that matter...Like buttons, zippers or rivets – they all are produced under the Öko Tex 100 standards.


We pair our demand on premium fabrics together with the aim to consistently turn the production more sustainable wherever possible. That is why 90% of our fabrics are produced in Europe which guarantees short delivery routes.


We are always questioning and adapting production processes and procedures. For example, we recently replaced the plastic film around the trousers for transport between production sites with cloth bags, saving over 60,00 plastic bags a year.

Low Impact

Already during the production process we pay attention to a low impact. The production of our popular HighTech Jersey already uses less water, energy and CO2.

Our jeans are produced according to the “Low Impact Standards” which means in particular:

• Biologic degradable chemicalsNo stone washing

• Laser effects

• New technologies for a water saving denim production


Driven by our passion for women trousers, we stay true to ourselves and design for feminine and sophisticated women who seek for variety in their fashion style as they have in their daily lives.


The future is now – that is why we think about tomorrow and reduce our ecological footprint wherever possible. Also, we take part in initiatives like Plant for the Planet.


Family means responsibility. We are a family company that is why we always act according to our family key values like responsibility, trust and the believe in achieving more by acting in a team.