When creating our trousers, we always do our best to meet the high standards of fit, quality and


Our trousers are mainly produced in Europe, in factories that we have known for a long time and with which we maintain a family relationship. By producing in Europe, we emphasize short supply routes and ensure fair, European wage and social standards.

ORGANIC COTTON - ecological cotton

Our recovery denim with high recovery contains organic cotton.


Jeans foam dyeing without water.


Our business jersey contains LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibers from renewable wood sources. LENZING™ and ECOVERO™ are trademarks of Lenzing AG.

Sustainability in our jeans

less CO2

All our jeans are produced "Low Impact", which means that already during production energy and CO@ emissions are reduced. This is measured by the EIM Score (Environmental Impact Measuring = measuring the environmental impact in points), which examines the following categories during production:

• Water consumption

• Use of chemicals

• Energy consumption

• Health burden on workers

Conventional denims have an ecological impact of approximately +66 points. Our denims have an ecological impact between 0 and 33 and are therefore LOW IMPACT.

less water

Innovative dyeing processes can save up to 80% water in the production of jeans. Furthermore, we make sure that all selected producers work with the most modern water treatment and sewage plants so that as little fresh water as possible is used. Dyeing processes like the DRY INDIGO® technique at our partner Royo in Spain use a foam dyeing method and thus reduce the use of water by about 80%.

sustainable fabric concepts

In addition to the various manufacturing processes, which already use less water and chemicals, we also use technologies that do not use chemicals that can contaminate water and drinking water unfiltered as toxic and harmful substances. We are constantly working to improve all methods and are looking for innovative solutions to conserve resources. We also work with partners who use biological dyes such as Royo in Spain: Their DRY INDIGO method dyes with foam and therefore eliminates almost completely the use of water.

sustainable washings

We rely on partners who are innovative and leaders in fabric washing. Our partners have been awarded the recognized BSCI, ZDHC and SMETA (SEDEX) seals, among others. In addition to ecological sustainability criteria, they also comply with social sustainability criteria. In this way, we pave the way for future-oriented production methods that protect the environment and people.  


The tree on our jeans represents our social and ecological commitment to various projects worldwide from the proceeds of the jeans sold.

One of our goals is to offset our ecological footprint by supporting reforestation projects such as "Grow Back". We also support social projects such as giving girls in Uganda a future.

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